Call for Proposals 2011

On 29 August 2011 the Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund announced its FIRST CALL FOR PROPOSALS aimed at funding quality evaluations of violence prevention and child protection programmes in low- and middle- income countries.

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For the full text of the 1st CALL FOR PROPOSALS, click here.

Upon the closure of the first call for proposals on 7 October 2011, 479 CONCEPT NOTES were received to carry out evaluations of violence prevention and child protection programmes in 74 different low- and middle-income countries. To learn more and get an overview of the 479 applications received (by region, category of intervention and type of main applicant), click here.

On 5 December 2011, the first phase of the selection process has been concluded: 20 APPLICATIONS (out of 479 concept notes submitted) have been shortlisted and will be invited to submit a comprehensive evaluation proposal. To learn more about the shortlisted applications, click here.

In March 2012 the selection process was concluded: 9 EVALUTION PROJECTS covering 9 countries across 4 continents were selected for grant-awarding for a total amount of € 758,885. To learn more about the selection process, click here.

Among the interventions to be evaluated are parenting education, community-based child protection mechanisms, community sensitization through men and boys’ engagement, children’s empowerment through life skills building, rehabilitation of child sexual offenders and housing programmes expected to indirectly improve child safety at home. Evaluation methodologies vary from randomized controlled trials through quasi-experimental designs to more qualitative approaches and mixed methods.

The selected grantees include both local and international NGOs and universities. Common features are the strength of the proposed partnership between practitioners and researchers; a commitment to rigour in evaluation; eagerness to learn from both success and failures; willingness to share knowledge; commitment to improve programmes and policies for child protection; and, most importantly, firm belief that violence against children can and must be prevented. Findings are expected to come in from later this year until 2015.

To learn more about our GRANTEES 2011, click here.

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