Structure of the Fund

  • Steering Committee: it is the decision-making body that defines the overall strategy of the Fund. It is composed of one representative for each sponsoring Foundation.  The position of chair is rotational on an annual basis.

Ms. Brigette de Lay (Chair)
Director of Child Abuse Programme, Oak Foundation

Ms. Sweta Shah 
Senior Early Childhood Development Advisor, Bernard van Leer Foundation

Mr. Michael Gibbons
Program Director, Children Rights, Wellspring Advisors

  • Secretariat: the Secretariat of the Children & Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund is based at the Network of European Foundations (NEF) in Brussels. It works as operational arm of the Fund and houses the Programme Manager.

    Ms. Sara Bensaude De Castro Freire
    Programme Manager, Network of European Foundations (NEF)

  • Advisory Group: it is the advisory body assisting the Steering Committee in the decision-making process on the strategic direction of the Fund. Leadership figures with expertise in the fields of violence prevention, child protection, research and evaluation and communication are members of the Advisory Group.
  • Ad-hoc proposal assessment teams: they are teams of experts convened to serve as evaluators in the proposal review process for the selection of the grantees, as needed. Experts for the assessment teams will be identified in line with the thematic focus area of each call for proposal. They are expected to assess proposals, make recommendations to the Steering Committee on the grants to award and, where necessary, to advise on possible partnerships and/or technical assistance to provide to the prospective grantees in order to ensure the quality of their évaluations.