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Evaluating the potential for improving child safety and security though housing and human settlements programming in Kenya, KENYA

Programme to be evaluated: Building Homes and Sustainable Communities in Kenya – programme aimed at improving housing conditions and quality of life in low- and modest-income communities through access to financial solutions, capacity development opportunities and technical services. Improved tenure security, better housing conditions and cooperative/community development are expected to contribute to reduce family stressors and risks of violence against children in families and communities.
Implementing agency: NACHU – National Cooperative Housing Union of Kenya
Evaluation methodology: Quasi-experimental design. Mixed quantitative –qualitative.
Evaluating agencies: McGill University; Kenyatta University and Groupe-conseil INTERALIA.
Principal Investigators: Claudia Mitchell (McGill University); Fatuma Chege (Kenyatta University); Margot Rothman (Groupe-conseil INTERALIA)
Duration: May 2012 – June 2014 (18 months)
Grant Amount: € 82,600 [Total evaluation budget: € 109,600]