Try Center for Training and Education

“Evaluating the effectiveness of a Violence Prevention Programme for Palestinan Refugee Girls”


Programme to be evaluated: Protecting Palestinian Refugee girls against Abuse at home and street

A prevention programme that aims to protect Palestinian refugee girls between the age of 12-14 against violence and abuse in the family and in the street. The project consists of two interventions: a life skills building for girls through schools “Protecting Myself” and awareness raising at the community level “My community protects me”.

Implementing agency: Mediterranean Network for Development of Local Community/Jordan

Evaluation methodology: Quasi-experimental design. Mixed quantitative–qualitative.

Evaluating agency: Try Center for Training and Education

Principal investigators:

Khalid Suliman and Khalid Al-Quda (Try Center for Training and Education)

Duration: 24 months, from October 2013 to October 2015

Grant amount: € 59,300 [Total evaluation budget: € 70,500]