War Child Holland

“Evaluating the effects of community based violence prevention interventions in Northern Uganda”


Programme to be evaluated: Community based child protection approach
Community-based child protection mechanisms through an interactive approach engaging the community structures in the analysis of the problems and gaps, promoting dialogues and implementation of action plans towards a long term focus on the prevention of violence against children

Implementing agency: War Child Holland (Uganda)

Evaluation methodology: Quasi-experimental design. Mixed quantitative – qualitative.

Evaluating agency: Department of social work and social administration, Makerere University

Principal investigators:

Dr. Eddy J. Walakira (Makerere University)
Ismail Nyanzi (Makerere University)
Edward Baale (Makerere University)
Joshua Kayiwa (Makerere University)
Badru Bukenya (University of Manchester)

Duration: October 2013 – October 2015 (24 months)

Grant amount: € 80,969