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Mapping Knowledge Brokers Working to Prevent Violence Against Girls and Boys, 2017

The intent of this brief two-fold:

1. Identify relevant organizations and initiatives involved in knowledge building and translation efforts, and learn more about ‹ their priorities and current strategy for building the research base and influencing policy and practice; ‹ How they are contributing to the production and translation of evidence; ‹ What type of information they are producing and disseminating; ‹ Whom they regard as their primary audience.

2. Highlight potential opportunities for the knowledge brokers to work towards a collective strategy.

In doing so, this mapping analysis draws on research and interviews with 12 key organizations and initiatives focused on violence against children and violence against women and girls, as well as input gathered during a convening of knowledge brokers on 11 October 2016 in Geneva.

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Learn about key resources and documents that have been developed and disseminated on violence against children and evaluation research. This section includes UN global reports, handbooks, guidelines, research and scientific articles, as well as regional and country-specific documents. To access resources, click here.