What we do

The Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge initiative is based on the following 3 key components:

The interaction between the three components of the Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge program is the key for the success of the initiative.

Although the primary aim of the Fund is to fund rigorous evaluations of violence prevention and child protection interventions through the grant programme, it is clear that the evaluation exercise requires a close collaboration between the evaluators and the organization implementing the intervention to be evaluated. This collaboration will be critical for the success of the initiative and is an opportunity for the organizations involved to learn from each other. This results in an increased capacity of the organizations working in the field of violence prevention and child protection to recognize the potential of rigorous evaluations, learn about the range of methodologies available and develop an appreciation of how to access, interpret and use the evidence.

In addition to this, it is clear that changes in policies and practices can only be achieved if the findings of the evaluations are effectively communicated to target audiences and utilized to improve the effectiveness of programs. The value of research is not maximized, if not used to inform programs. In the same vein, the effectiveness of programmes is not maximized, if not informed by evidence.

It is only when researchers and practitioners come together, when programs are based on evidence and when evidence is used to advocate changes in policies and programs, that the a world free from violence against children becomes more likely to materialize.