Capacity building & knowledge sharing

Capacity building and knowledge sharing is another component of the Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge initiative.

Although the primary objective of the initiative remains generating a solid evidence base through rigorous evaluations of violence prevention and child protection interventions in low-income contexts, the process can further result in an increased capacity of the organizations working in the field of violence prevention and child protection to recognize the value of an evidence-based approach. A close collaboration between the evaluator(s) and the implementer(s) is necessary in order to carry out the evaluation, while the interaction between the two parties results in an exchange of information and transfer of knowledge. Organizations working on violence prevention and child protection are expected to develop an increased awareness of the potential of the evaluation research and how to translate it into better programs. 

The Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund does not only provide the financial resources to cover the costs of the evaluation, but – where necessary – it also advises the grantees on how to strengthen their evaluation proposals and where to get the technical assistance they need in order to ensure the credibility of their evaluations. To that end, two different approaches were developed during the first call for proposals, through the Small Cash Mechanism, and under the 2nd call for proposals, through the Mentorship Program.

Grantees will further be offered opportunities to interact among each other and exchange best practices, lessons learnt and experiences based on the evaluation research carried out. Through the grant program, the Fund also intends to foster longer-term partnerships between researchers and child protection practitioners.